5 Smart Tips to Store Spices and Masalas During Monsoon

What makes Indian cooking a lip-smacking undertaking is verifiably the sprinkling of spices and masalas that we so affectionately put into our nourishment. From garam masalas to panchphoran, our collection of whole spice blends has just widened throughout the years. This is all the more so in the present time with each market offering a broad scope of instant masalas to make life simpler.

1. Keep them Airtight

This is the most fundamental govern with regards to putting away spices and masalas. You have to keep them in sealed shut holders or else the dampness noticeable all around can ruin the masalas, influencing them to lose their flavor, fragrance,and shading. You can reuse glass jugs or small plastic compartments, or purchase singular spice containers for each. The customary Indian spice compartment with smaller jugs inside is another incredible method to store spices. It’s advantageous also, while cooking, to have all the basic spices in a single box.

2. Avoid Heat

While you might need to have all the fixings handy when you are cooking, it isn’t fitting to store the spices ideal alongside the gas stove. Frequently, we have a tendency to orchestrate them on a rack close to the cooking stove to avoid them as much as possible while cooking. This can develop stickiness in the spice jugs influencing the spices to miss out on the season.

3. Avoid Light

We as a whole wish for huge kitchen spaces with huge amounts of natural light leaking in, yet it isn’t perfect with regards to putting away our valuable spices. Light can mess with the kind of the spices, and in that capacity, it is constantly better to store the containers in a cool and dim place. So no, orchestrating them on the kitchen windowsill for tasteful interest is anything but a smart thought. Store them in shut cabinets. Another savvy activity is utilized hued holders to diminish the infiltration of light. See more.

4. Try not to Chill

There are numerous individuals who tend to store masalas and spices in the fridge with the expectation that they will remain new, however, this is a long way from reality. While wet masala blends remain fine in the cooler for a few days, the dry ones get dampness and all things considered lose their hypnotizing smell. Vacuum-pressing them and putting away them in the cooler is still better in the event that you really should. The best choice, in any case, is to purchase or pound them in smaller amounts. In the event that a companion has gotten you some outlandish masala from a foreign nation, which isn’t accessible in India, and you need to save it for a more extended time, at that point the solidifying strategy would be your most logical option. In the event that it is a powder, simply store in hermetically sealed compartments in a cool and dim place.

5. Avoid Water

Any form of dampness could be deplorable for safeguarding a spice blend. Guarantee that you generally utilize a spotless and dry spoon when utilizing it in cooking. Never keep the containers close to the wash bowl in light of the fact that even a couple of beads of water can hamper its flavor and fragrance.


Spices are best utilized new, so make them in smaller amounts in the event that you are granulating them at home, or purchase smaller instant packs. Keep in mind, putting away them well is critical in light of the fact that the specific pith of spices lies in their freshness and flavor. Learn more details at: http://jivaorganicfoods.com/